Friday, August 6, 2010

And last but not least... Alexandra, Annie, and Caroline!


Fun, wild, and positively PINK, the Ultimate Party Dress will surely be a head turner, wherever you go. The matching shoes, however, are really the star of the show. Jam packed with attitude and glamour, they take cues from stage costume -- only better. Like the perfect pink lemonade -- with extra flavor. Wherever you wear them, you'll be a star.


On a hot summer day with the sun beating down and you feel like you are inside a volcano. In this skirt and shirt it is as if you get sprayed with gallons of water. Soft, colorful, and pretty, this style shows everyone that you make it work. You are like water running in the desert, beautiful and free. So buy this, and don't let the heat stop you.


The wind blows on the sea, moving the navy waves like leaping fish, the wind screaming. This ship is tossed, the captain screaming orders. In this dress, are you a sailor, scrambling with pulleys and levers? Or are you the sea, tossing and turning on the this dark blue starless night?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Serin, Jailyn, and Sidney!



Ever dreamed of an airplane in the sky?
Well right now you are an airplane soaring through clouds with rain.
Through that you are feeling blue with everything around you.
Here I come with my outfit named "Blue Paradise."


In this dress you dream of roses. It's like you're in a garden.
When you wear this dress you're like the prettiest flower in the garden.
This garden is of black and red roses.
You will remember a banquet where the centerpiece was a vase of a dozen roses.

Next up: Alexandra, Annie, and Caroline!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Delaney, Bri, Lindsey, and Clara!


In this dress you will smile.
It is functional and casual.
It is an everyday dress.


Struttin' down the sidewalk
wearing this one-of-akind black and white dress,
You're out with your friends for a night on the town.
People pass by in neon colors, blending into the neon signs
like tires into the pavement.
They can't help but stare. Who wouldn't?
You're rockin' black and white, walking like a black cat
hunting down it's prey.
So go on. Be different. Be eccentric. Be you.


In this dress you're going to have the best party of the year.
You're gonna have fun, you're gonna have the best night of your life everyone's going to be there,
and then suddenly once you walk in it gets everyone's attention!
Your dress will be the BEST!!!!!


It's a rainy day. Not the slightest bit of color can be seen for miles around, until...
You put on this dress. All of a sudden the day has life and color again.
Its soft, machine washable fabirc is ideal for any occasion.

Next up: Serin, Jailyn, and Sidney!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Presenting: Elli, Elizabeth, Dez, and Alexis


Walking along the sidewalk on a bright sunny day, you feel against your leg the soft fabric and remember a wonderful sensation of pleasure. Your self-esteem becomes greater as you strut down the street. this dress reminds you of Snow White and then you know it's the one.
but you have to remember, it's all about you.


Night sky in rural France.
The owl hooting, the bonfire crackling. You walk through the untamed fields in France.
In this skirt you will imagine the snake unraveling out of the imperfectly woven basket.
But in this shirt you will envision a starry night sky.
The owl will hoot, the bonfire will crackle and you will walk through the untamed fields in France in these clothes.


In this outfit you will see me while the wind blows away from me.
You will see Michael Jackson.
I see me in this outfit, because of him and his style.


Running through the muddy grass, I can feel the wind blow through my hair. Even though it's a cloudy day something bright always appears in my sight. As I run to try to find shelter I come across this amazing zebra.

The Nancy will take a few days' break, but next up will be: Delaney, Bri, Lindsey, and Clara!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today's designers: Caroline, Adea, K'sja and Kylie !


blinding yellow lights
tv ads, people on bikes
angry cab drivers, businessmen
tired kids and rich women
designer clothes walk the streets
street vendors selling lots of cheaps
with skyscrapers and buildings tall
New York City is the best of all


Wearing this dress you will think of a nice warm, windy day. Drinking your favorite beverage. Listening to your favorite song, listening to birds chirp. And you are enjoying the sweet aromas and eating your favorite dish, and dessert! This dress will make you feel happy and calm.


This dress can be worn anywhere. When it's cold you can wear this outfit with leggins and a jacket. When it's warm you can wear this outfit without leggings and jacket. You would wear this dress out or to some kind of party. This dress can make you feel beautiful and have fun no matter where you're at!!!


Imagine yourself wearing this glamorous dress at a fabulous party in Hollywood. The spotlight will be on you the whole night and you'll be getting compliments from everyone you pass!

Next up: Elli, Elizabeth, Dez, and Alexis

Friday, July 23, 2010

The show!

First up... Jess, Hailey, Sarina, and Sydney (Tomorrow -- four more!)

Here are some photos of the pieces in progress, along with the story-poem each designer wrote to go along with her piece.
(If you have a photo of your finished piece -- do send it to me! That last hour when we were all lining up for the show, I must have been busy doing everything but taking pictures.)


Preppy schoolgirl meets stylish 80s meets edgy rocker in this original by Jess Flowers. With a classic trench coat, you're warm and cozy. But, note the yellow and white print on the bottom which really sets it apart from the rest. All adds to the 80s prepster look. What really makes this unique is the clunky, yet awesome, combat boots. They add just enough edge and rebelliousness to it, and are perfect for any girl.


This outfit is best for strolling across town on a warm, sunny day going to the bakery.

As you walk in you smell many different kinds of cheesecake including your favorite… strawberry. You walk up to the glass case and see strawberry sauce, drizzled like stripes, on a slice of cheesecake.

(On the left: Hailey with our guest models.)


In this dress, that Sarina Lavon designed and also what she is wearing, you will feel pleasure and that sometimes in life it isn't all about work and school, sometimes it's aall about Paryting! This dress is soft, smooth, silk blue, and adorable. Once you see it you will die for it!


Snowy night.

Remember when you were young and on those cold winter nights you were laying on a cloud pillow?

Remember that wonderful fluffy feeling -- as soft as sheep's wool?

That is the feeling you will get while wearing this Snowy Night.

Snowy Night came through a robe -- so warm and comfy. That is also what you will feel when wearing a Snowy Night.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And we sewed.

By hand and by machine -- some of us for the first time!

K'sja, Caroline and Clara.